The liquid wrapper for veLIT


liqLIT is tokenized, and therefore liquid, veLIT. All LIT or its derivatives deposited into Liquis remain forever locked in the protocol, with users receiving liqLIT at a 1:1 rate. This process is irreversible but users may have the ability to exit their liqLIT holdings through secondary liquidity across DeFi.

The liqLIT token address is 0x03C6F0Ca0363652398abfb08d154F114e61c4Ad8.

liqLIT Liquidity

As noted on the LIQ page, a portion of LIQ supply is dedicated to the subsidization of liqLIT liquidity. The goal of this earmark is to ensure that there is sufficient liquidity for day-to-day entry and exit activity.

liqLIT is an irredeemable wrapper for locked assets, and no guarantees can be made about its adherence to a peg with the underlying BAL-20WETH-80LIT pool tokens.

liqLIT Staking

Holders of liqLIT are able to stake it within the Liquis app to earn their share of the performance fee charged to liquidity providers.

Please see the below page for the current state of fee distribution.


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