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Understanding the tokens at the heart of Liquis

Bunni Tokens

Bunni has 3 tokens:
  • oLIT which is distributed as liquidity mining reward.
  • LIT which is native token of Bunni. Can be locked for up to 4 years to receive veLIT.
  • veLIT which is used to boost yields, govern on the Bunni Protocol, and receive protocol fees.

liqLIT (Liquid veLIT)

liqLIT is the liquid governance wrapper for Bunni's veLIT.
  • You can receive liqLIT in exchange for permanently committing LIT to Liquis.
  • You can sell liqLIT or use it as collateral without the need for locking your position.
  • You can earn yield in the form of protocol revenue.

LIQ (Liquis Token)

LIQ is the native asset emitted by the Liquis protocol.
  • You receive LIQ for staking Bunni tokens with Liquis.
  • You can lock LIQ for 16 weeks in order to receive vlLIQ.

vlLIQ (Vote Locking Liquis Token)

vlLIQ is the governance token of the Liquis platform.
  • You can vote on how to allocate Liquis veLIT holdings across Bunni gauges.
  • You can direct LIQ emissions across Liquis gauges.
  • You can earn yield in the form of protocol revenue and gauge bribes.