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Boosted Bunni Emissions on Uniswap v3

Welcome to Liquis!

Liquis is a liquid governance wrapper for Bunni Pro, a liquidity management solution on top of Uniswap v3. Bunni allows users to provide concentrated liquidity for specific ranges within Uniswap v3 pools and to have their position represented by a fungible ERC-20 receipt token. Bunni further introduced an incentive layer for Uniswap v3 in the form of $LIT, a voting-escrow governance token that controls future emissions towards specific Bunni ranges. With Liquis, users will gain access to max-locked veLIT with secondary liquidity, subsidizing its opportunity cost.
This model has been implemented for Curve and Balancer by Convex and Aura, respectively.
Make sure to learn more about our ongoing launch via the following pages:
Last modified 4mo ago