Liquis 101

Understanding the Liquis ecosystem

The Ecosystem

Liquis sits on top of Bunni and Uniswap v3 to complete a full-stack liquidity solution for DeFi.

1. Uniswap

Uniswap v3 introduced the concept of concentrated liquidity provisioning. Users can provide pool liquidity over the specific range of pool prices they want to cover, as opposed to providing liquidity for an infinite range as they would in Uniswap v2. These positions are represented by NFT receipts. While this design allows for increased capital efficiency, it did introduce the need for position management solutions so as to offer the same quality user experience liquidity providers have grown accustomed to in DeFi.

Uniswap v3 regularly ranks as the Ethereum DEX with the highest volume.

2. Bunni Pro

Bunni Pro was launched to address this need for Uniswap v3 position management. Bunni offers tokenized deposit ranges that allow users to commit to specific price ticks within a given pool. Moreover, by representing positions via fungible ERC-20 tokens, liquidity providers are able to recycle their positions through other DeFi platforms more easily.

Bunni Pro also introduced an incentivization layer on top of its tokenized ranges. This is accomplished through the emission of oLIT which can be redeemed for LIT and plugged into a voting-escrow (ve-) governance system that allows existing holders to dictate the future distribution of emissions across Bunni Pro ranges. veLIT provides pool deployers with a need for subsidizing liquidity a pathway for greater efficiency on that spend.

3. Liquis

Liquis is launching to reduce the opportunity cost associated with the long-term locking of veLIT. Users can contribute LIT and its various forms (e.g. oLIT, BAL-80LIT-20ETH) to the Liquis protocol in exchange for the liqLIT liquid wrapper. This provides Liquis with the corresponding governance power over Bunni Pro and allows holders of the liquid wrapper to exit into available secondary liquidity at will. Liquis thus offers depositors of Bunni Pro tokens the ability to earn max-boosted LIT rewards while providing liqLIT holders with optionality on their position.

Liquis is governed by the LIQ governance token. Holders of LIQ thus have sway over both the emission of oLIT across Bunni Pro ranges as well as general Timeless Finance governance.

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