Participate in the Pre-Launch

How to earn LIQ rewards for being an early liqLIT adopter


The Liquis Pre-Launch runs from July 26th to August 30th. Users are able to mint liqLIT and earn LIQ rewards for being early adopters. This guide is meant to demonstrate how to deposit either LIT, ETH, wETH or BAL-20WETH-80LIT in order to participate.

You can watch the video tutorial below:

Step-by-Step Guide

You can find the Pre-Launch app here.

1. Initial Set-Up

  • Have a supported wallet installed

  • Connect to the Ethereum blockchain

  • Hold either LIT or BAL-20WETH-80LIT for deposit as well as ETH for gas

  • Click "Connect Wallet" and select your wallet.

Following requests from the community, it is now also possible to deposit ETH or wETH which will be automatically converted to BAL-20WETH-80LIT.

2. Approve Token for Deposit

  • Select one of the tokens from the drop-down menu

  • Select one of the predetermined amounts (25%, 50%, 75%, or "Max") or input a specific one

  • Click "Approve Token" (e.g. Approve LIT) to generate a wallet prompt

    • For the "Custom Spending Cap" field, you can either enter a manual number or select the maximum

  • Approve the transaction in your wallet and await for the transaction to go through

3. Deposit Token

  • Click "Deposit Token" (e.g. Deposit LIT) to generate a wallet prompt

  • Confirm the wallet prompt you receive

  • Wait for the transaction to process and your "staked liqLIT" balance to be updated

LIQ rewards will begin to vest upon the launch of Liquis and cannot be claimed prior

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