Pre-Launch Program

Bootstrapping $liqLIT

Pre-Launch is live! Mint liqLIT and earn LIQ through August 30th here.


Liquis will conduct a 28-day Pre-Launch Program prior to protocol launch. The purpose of the program is to bootstrap the initial share of veLIT held by Liquis.

Users will be able to commit any combination of the following tokens in exchange for an equivalent amount of liqLIT, the liquid Bunni governance wrapper:

  • LIT: The governance token of the Bunni protocol

  • BAL-20WETH-80LIT: The Balancer pool token associated with voting-escrow LIT (veLIT)

  • ETH or wETH.

At the end of the Pre-Launch Program, all deposited assets will be converted to BAL-20WETH-80LIT and escrowed for the maximum four-year lock duration offered by Bunni.

Users can only withdraw their Pre-Launch deposit if Liquis fails to be approved as a liquid locker by Bunni governance.

You can find a detailed Tutorial on how to participate on the following page:

Pre-Launch Rewards

All Pre-Launch participants will receive a proportionate share of the Liquis governance tokens (LIQ) set aside for each week of the program. The total amount to be distributed over the course of the program is 2,000,000 LIQ, or 2% of supply, spread across each of its four weeks as follows:

  • Week 1: 0.8% of Total LIQ Supply

  • Week 2: 0.6% of Total LIQ Supply

  • Week 3: 0.4% of Total LIQ Supply

  • Week 4: 0.2% of Total LIQ Supply

LIQ awarded for the Pre-Launch Program will be subject to a six-month linear vesting schedule from protocol launch.

Users are eligible for all rewards emitted between the time of their deposit and the conclusion of the Pre-Launch Program. Deposits made in week 1 also receive rewards in week 4.

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