Claim veLIT Airdrop

Timeless Allowlisting

In order for Liquis to act as a liquid wrapper for Timeless Finance's veLIT asset, it had to be approved by community governance. This vote was conducted from August 6th to 9th 2023 and passed in the affirmative. For their support, those who voted in favor receive 1% of Liquis governance token supply.

Claiming Airdrop

Addresses that are eligible for the airdrop to support veLIT holders can claim it from the following smart contract on Ethereum mainnet.

Connecting Your Wallet

Selecting the "Connect to web3" button will prompt you to connect to Etherscan via a supported wallet.

Submitting a Transaction

The "Claim" method accepts a boolean value in order to trigger a payout of vested tokens. You can simulate the claim transaction via Tenderly.

Note that your vested sum is claimed as vlLIQ locked for a 16-week period.

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