Gauge Voting

Steering the distribution of incentives on the Bunni protocol becomes achievable through the act of voting for particular gauges. There are substantial secondary markets developing, like Hidden Hand and Warden. This allows LIQ Lockers to earn additional compensation by selling their votes.

Gauge voting rules and information

  • Voting will be done via Snapshot.

  • Gauge weight votes will be bi-weekly, starting Thursdays at ~02:00 UTC and ending on Tuesdays 00:00 UTC.

  • Individual vlLIQ holders may spread their votes among multiple pools in gauge weight votes.

  • Each gauge will have a hard cap of 50% of Liquis' veLIT assigned to it. Overflow will be distributed to other pools in proportion to their vote weight.

  • Each gauge must receive at least 0.2% of the votes before weight is assigned.

  • Gauges which substantially harm the Liquis/Bunni ecosystem or that have been explicitly blacklisted by community proposals will be excluded from the list of options.

The first voting cycle is expected to start on the 14th of September.

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