vlLIQ holders can expect to receive some share of protocol revenue earned on $oLIT emission fees. Currently 3% of of total oLIT emissions earned is going towards voters.

In order to calculate the vAPR for oLIT rewards, we need the rewardRate which can be found in the LiqLocker contract by calling rewardData for the oLIT token and picking the rewardRate

oLIT address: 0x627fee87d0d9d2c55098a06ac805db8f98b158aa

We use the rewardRate and the oLIT price to get the annualRewardUSD

const oLITPriceUSD = litPriceUSD.times(0.5);

const annualRewardUSD = rewardRate.times(86400).times(365).times(oLITPriceUSD).div(1e18);

We then also need the current vlLIQ lockedSupply from the LiqLocker contract and calculate the lockedSupplyUSD

const lockedSupplyUSD = lockedSupply.div(1e18).times(liqPriceUSD) 

vlLIQ vAPR for oLIT

const vlLIQvAPR = annualRewardUSD.div(lockedSupplyUSD).times(100)

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