🚀liqLIT Rewards

liqLIT APR is made up of oLIT, LIQ, WETH and BAL rewards.

This is because they not only receive standard oLIT and LIQ emissions as the other Bunni LPs: liqLIT is a tokenized veLIT which is locked BAL-20WETH-80LIT.

This pool receives BAL emissions from the balancer gauge and on top of it it also receives WETH which is rewarded by Bunni to their veLIT holders.

This section will cover BAL and WETH APR calculations, please check also

oLIT Rewards and LIQ Rewards sections.

NOTE: Liquis charges a top 25% fee which comes from the total oLIT rewards from all the pools. Part of this reward is given to liqLIT stakers and is added on top of the oLIT Rewards. See fees breakdown in oLITRewards page

BAL Rewards

To get the BAL rewards vAPR we need to get the BAL USD Price but also the rewardRate from the corresponding Virtual Balance Reward Pool:

From this pool we can access both the rewardRate

uint256 rewardRate = VirtualBalanceRewardPool.rewardRate()

First of all we need the annual BAL Reward in USD terms

Annual BAL Reward in USD

const annualBALRewardUSD = rewardRate / 1e18 * 3600 * 24 * 365 * balUSDPrice

Then we can get the APR using the tvlUSD in the liqLIT pool in USD


const balvAPR = (annualBALRewardUSD / tvlUsd) * 100

WETH Rewards

The same logic applies for the WETH rewards

From the WETH Virtual Balance Reward Pool we get the required rewardRate

Annual WETH Reward in USD

const annualWETHRewardUSD = rewardRate / 1e18 * 3600 * 24 * 365 * wethUSDPrice

Same as for BAL, we get the APR using the tvlUSD in the liqLIT pool in USD


const wethvAPR = (annualWETHRewardUSD / tvlUsd) * 100

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