🌊LIQ Rewards


LIQ Rewards are directly correlated to the oLIT emissions received by the protocol, meaning that LIQ is minted pro-rata to oLIT accrued.

To estimate the vAPR for LIQ emissions, we need first the vAPR for oLIT which can be calculated with the formula in the oLIT Rewards section (fees apply).

We first get the litAmount corresponding to the current oLIT rewards

const litAmount = oLITvAPR * TVL / oLITPriceUSD

Liquis has a helper contract with a view function for estimating how many LIQ will be minted based on LIT accrued:

The function convertLitToLiq() returns the amount of LIQ which will be minted,

so we can estimate how many LIQ will be emitted for a specific pool

uint256 liqTotalEmissions = LiquisViewHelpers.convertLitToLiq(litAmount)

then we get the vAPR using LIQ price and the total value locked in the pool, both in USD terms

const liqvAPR = liqTotalEmissions / 1e18 * liqPriceUSD / TVL * 100

where TVL is the TVL of the pool we want to calculate LIQ emissions.

NOTE: LIQ USD Price for now is set at 0.1 USD per LIQ until deeper liquidity in the LIQ-WETH pool has been formed.

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